Research Products

Below you will find a list of reports, publications and blog-postings that have been generated by this research project to date, followed by a selection of related publications by project team members.

Publications from this project

Mezdour, A., Veronis, L. & McLeman, R., 2015. Environmental Influences on Haitian Migration to Canada and Connections to Social Inequality: Evidence from Ottawa-Gatineau and Montreal. In R. McLeman, J. Schade, & T. Faist, eds. Environmental Migration and Social Inequality. Dordrecht: Springer.

Environmental influences on African migration to Canada: Focus group findings from Ottawa-Gatineau. L. Veronis & R. McLeman, Population and Environment, 36(2), 234-251

Empirical research on international environmental migration: a systematic review. R. Obokata, L. Veronis, & R. McLeman. Population and Environment, 2014, volume 36(1) 111–135.

Est-ce que l’environnement a une influence sur la migration internationale au Canada? Note de recherche sur le cas de la diaspora haïtienne à Ottawa-Gatineau. A. Mezdour & L. Veronis. Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 2012, volume 37(74), 207–217.

Flooding Across Borders? Are Environmental Problems Causing International Migration? R. Obokata., 4 July 2014.

Climate Change Will Cause More Migration, But That Shouldn’t Scare Anyone. R. McLeman. New Security Beat, 25 March 2014.

Research Posters

Bonnie Boyd (2012) – Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Ottawa
Title: Environmental Influences and International Migration: An Investigation

Elisa Dorman (2014) – Geography, University of Ottawa
Title : Environment and migration: developing a framework for Somalia

Other reading

Climate and Human Migration: Past Experiences, Future Challenges. R. McLeman. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2014.

Thinking rationally about settlement abandonment in a changing climate. E. Fussell & R. McLeman. PeopleMove: A World Bank blog. 30 June 2014.

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Migration as an Adaptation to Climate Change. R. McLeman & B. Smit. Climatic Change, 2006, volume 76(1-2), 31–53.